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ION Casino Game Providers - 568WIN

  • ION Casino stands for Interactive Online Network Casino. They are the pioneer of the first fully interactive and multi-player live online casino. Based in Holiday Palace Resort and Casino, one of the first and most respected land-based casinos in Cambodia, ION Casino is fully licensed by the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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Total Score 93%
Country Support 70%
Video Smoothness 80%
Video Clear 82%

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  • ✅ Promotion Banner
  • ✅ Bet Setting
  • ✅ Display Table State
  • ✅ Can Select Chips
  • ✅ Baccarat Good Road Tips
  • ✅ Language Change
  • ✅ Multi Camera Support
  • ✅ Live Sound
  • ❌ Sexy Dealer


World Match Gaming specializes in creating online casino games. WorldMatch has been around since the year 2000 and has partnered with some of the renowned international online casinos. In the span of 20 years , they have created more than 200 top-notch casino games. They develop games in multiple languages, having multiple payment gateways. They have become global suppliers of the casino games, as for many years they have been providing operators with essential business tools, to help them in growing their business. They have been approved and granted jurisdiction by notable authorities in their client’s countries. Their marketing strategy and strong business tools have turned them into global leaders.

568WIN Live Casino

568win Live Casino comes with exceptional online card games. We are one of the most reliable online casinos. Players can also enjoy this online casino offers virtual races, which makes it more interesting, as well as live casinos. 568win provides you with tons of options for games, which makes it more fun to play wherever you are. We are a veteran solution provider at the cutting edge of iGaming technology and IT service.

Sexy Gaming

Sexy Gaming is a unique provider in Asia, especially in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. They specialize in attractive live casino games, presented by live dealers in sexy bikinis and alluring pajamas, offering players a completely different gambling experience and some hot thrills. Sexy Gaming has been working side by side with 568Win iGaming content developers.


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